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Writing and editing

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Clearly Stated can help you to explain your world to others. Providing clear, easy to use documentation will help you to stand out from your competitors.

You may know that your product is capable of all sorts of wonderful things. You also know how to use it effectively. But if you can't explain this to someone else, clearly and using non-technical terms, then you may be the only person who does.

Perhaps you don't have any documentation at all? Or you have a collection of documents, written by different people, that need bringing together? Or maybe you are reasonably happy with what you've got, but it could do with a bit of polish?

A fresh pair of eyes looks at your products and your business from a different perspective, providing invaluable feedback and possibly suggesting improvements to them.

Get in touch for assistance in developing documentation of any type. Clearly Stated has experience in writing:

  • Software product manuals and online help
  • Statements of requirements
  • Technical datasheets
  • Marketing collateral
  • Policy, procedures and guides
  • Newsletters

Examples are available in the portfolio.