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Writing skills training courses

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Being able to express yourself clearly and confidently in writing is absolutely essential in the modern competitive business world. Your documents say a lot about you and your business – and you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Clearly Stated courses are ITOL accredited, and are designed and developed by qualified trainers.

Our courses are interactive. To ensure you gain maximum benefit, we recommend a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 16.

Which course would be best?

It really depends on which type of writing you do: why you are writing. All the courses look at the same basic principles – but in very different ways. What works well in one style of writing doesn’t necessarily work well in another.

  • Writing to inform

    Business correspondence (including letters and emails), reports of all types (including project reports and progress reports), company descriptions and specifications of products and services. If you want customers and team members to receive the message you intended to send, this course is for you.

  • Writing to persuade

    Bids and proposals, business cases, product brochures – any time you’re trying to persuade someone to make a decision or to act. It doesn’t matter whether that decision is to make a purchase, agree to an objective or change behaviour, this is the course you need.

  • Writing to instruct

    Consider this course if you are writing user guides, online help (user assistance), procedures or are developing training materials – in fact, anything where someone needs guidance.

All courses include optional English grammar modules.

Not sure which one to choose?

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘We write to persuade, but we do it by letter...’ or ‘We write to instruct, but do you cover websites, FAQs and Wikis?

Our team are expert course designers and can create a writing and communications training package that meets your needs. Modules from our existing courses can be combined with specially developed content to ensure your team is “writing fit”.

We may propose:

  • Mixing elements from our different courses with bespoke exercises, discussions and workshops.
  • Using one of the courses as a basis, and incorporating exercises and discussion points from others.
  • Combining our courses to give full coverage in all areas – because of the general principles shared by all the courses, this results in an intensive (and interesting) course, perfect for the key communicators in your team.

To discuss your training requirements, please contact us. We can mix-and-match to meet your needs or create a bespoke course for your requirements.

Clearly Stated: helping you to put it in writing!