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Why choose us

We are passionate about what we do, and work to our own set of values and beliefs:

  • We work with you to give you what you need, which sometimes changes from what you initially requested.
  • We make sure you understand the implications of any decisions you make involving our services.
  • We check that we both understand our responsibilities and the potential consequences if these are not met.
  • We only take on work if we have the capacity and skills to complete it.
  • If we say we will do something, we do everything we can to keep that promise.
  • We strive to keep our knowledge and skills fresh and up-to-date, keeping pace with the changes in our field and the wider technology changes that have an impact on it.
  • We do not support sub-standard products or services (unless the purpose is to improve them) or unethical practices

We know we do a good job, going that little bit further and sharing our expertise to help ensure we deliver what you need. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it, so we've gathered together some evidence to support our claim.

What people say

We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients, although many (for their own commercial reasons) are reluctant to grant permission for us to publish it.

We also received some very special feedback in the form of an award for one of our documentation projects.

Our portfolio

We always try to get permission to post samples of our work in our online portfolio, but this is not always possible – some of our clients have good commercial reasons for not granting permission.

Past projects

Clearly Stated was formed in November 2004, and since then we have worked in a various sectors and industries. We have a list of some of the projects we have worked on, although for commercial reasons we cannot give details of all the projects we have been involved in. Please ask if your project is in an area that is not listed.