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Our recent projects

Once work on a project is complete, our clients are free to update the documentation themselves, or to engage someone else to do the work. This means that any documentation you find on the websites of these companies may not have been written or updated by us.

To keep this list current, we are only listing clients we have worked with in the last 5 years.

Company Outline of project Date
Oxford English Testing User guides and software demonstrations on the use of the website by English language teachers 2010-2016 (several discrete projects)
Advanced Release notes and online help for some of their healthcare applications From 2013
Sales and order management
NHS Supply Chain Guidance notes (user guide) for the new web-based Online Ordering system, plus operations manuals and datasheets for internal use From 2011
Intercede User and administrator guides, online help and training materials for Intercede's Identity Management software 2014 and 2005–2006
Nexor Product manuals and online help for the suite of secure messaging products From 2013